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Low Pricing on Solar Panels and System Components

 On-Grid and Off-Grid Power Systems

Spring is in the air and panel shortages are easing. We expect a huge increase in solar demand with the Inflation Reduction Act if supplies can keep up. Looking forward to an interesting year!

We currently have a good supply of the Hanwha Q.Peak Duo XL 480 watt panels and we are getting good feedback from customers. These large format panels are bifacial and have 156 half-cut cells. These very efficient panels increase energy gains up to 20% for lower generation costs, and are well priced at $0.66 per watt.

We also have a good supply of the Canadian Solar CS3N-390MS panels. These reliable 132-cell panels (all-black) are available for $0.74 per watt (minimum quantity 3). A good choice for your next rooftop installation!

For our West Coast customers, check the reliable REC N Peak 2 panels. The panels are available in 360, 365 and 370 watt power configurations from $0.68 per watt.

The REC Alpha Pure solar panels are available in limited quantities. These modules are built around 132 half-cut heterojunction cells combining the benefits of crystalline silicon solar cells with those of thin film technologies for much higher efficiency. The REC395AA Pure (all black) panels are available for $0.86 per watt.

On Sale: Limited Quantity LONGI LR6-60HPH-315M at $0.51 per watt.

Let us know what your needs are and we’ll help you out with your system design and all the components you need to get your solar system up and running. If the online store is not working for you, contact us directly. For larger system orders (and solar inverters and batteries that must be shipped by freight carriers), contact us directly for shipping quotes and quantity discounts.

Not all the products we sell are listed on our website. Contact us for a quick quote on all your system needs and any technical questions you may have. Ask us for pricing on pallet or container quantities.

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