Aquatec APC-30-250 Pump Controller

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Aquatec APC-30-250 Controller for SWP Submersible Solar Pumps / Use a 12 or 24 Volt solar module or battery / Made in USA

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Aquatec APC-30-250
Solar Pump Controller for SWP Series

The Aquatec APC-30-250 Controller is designed specifically to interface between a solar photovoltaic array and the Aquatec SWP submersible pumps, such as the Aquatec SWP-4000 well pump.  It is a solid-state power converter that optimizes and protects the solar well pump.

The controller extends the power going to the pump with current boosting.  This gives the pump more power to pump more water when the solar panel is cold and is producing a higher voltage than normal.  Voltage is not used to produce power but accelerates the electron flow through a wire.  Boosting the current equals more water.

The Aquatec APC-30-250 controller has all the features of (and can replace) the Shurflo 902-200 and the Shurflo 902-100 controllers, and has the added capability of an extended operating range, since many systems are no longer 12V.

Aquatec APC-30-250 Controller
Key Features

  • Weather resistant housing
  •  Low water cutout via circuitry that detects a low ampere draw when the pump is pumping air instead of water
  •  Over Voltage Protection. (manually adjustable)
  •  Over current protection
  •  Maximum power point tracking (regulation of solar array voltage to match pump draw)
  •  Linear current boosting to match pump load requirements
  •  Power Output adjustability for pump flow control
  •  System power switch
  •  LED status indicators for system power, pump running, low water and over current
  •  Grounding terminal block
  •  Terminal for remote tank float switch. Full on or off capability
  •  Terminal for optional remote status LED

Use the trimpot labelled “Output Voltage” to decrease (CCW) or increase (CW) the maximum output voltage as required.  If the pump is drawing the well water level down too fast, the trimpot can be adjusted counter-clockwise to reduce the flow of the pump.

Tank float switch:  The pump controller can accommodate an optional tank float switch.  The switch can be set to either perform for a normally closed or normally open function. Use dip switch 3 to select the applicable function.  When set to the “ON” position a closed switch indicates a full tank.  When set to the “off” position, an open switch indicates a full tank.   In the absence of a float switch, the dip switch should be in the “on” position or the pump will not run.

Aquatec APC-30-250 Controller for Submersible Pumps
Model APC-30-250
Max Load Power 250 watts
Max Load Current 5 amps
Max Input Open Circuit Voltage 48 volts
Max Regulated Output Voltage 30 volts


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pdficon_largeInstallation Manual for Aquatec Controller


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