Aquatec SWP-6000 Submersible DC Pump

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Aquatec SWP-6000 Submersible DC Well Pump /
12 or 24 Volt / Made in USA

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Aquatec SWP-6000 DC Submersible Water Pump
Key Features

  • Aquatec SWP-6000 fits well casings 6 inches or larger
  • Capable of pumping from depths of up to 80 feet (max vertical lift is 120 feet)
  • Able to operate with voltages up to 30 VDC
  • Rugged Stainless Steel shell construction for optimum durability and corrosion
  • Factory installed 36 inch of 12 gauge motor leads eliminate failure from improperly
    field-installed leads
  • Dual-size port outlet can accommodate ½ inch (15mm) hose barb and ½ inch drop pipe (0.622″
    ID) or 5/8″ (18mm) hose barb
  • Anti-wicking cable entrance protects the motor from an incorrectly installed splice
  • Over-sized eyelet for easy installation of safety line
  • Built-in 50 mesh stainless steel screen to prevent debris intrusion
  • Field serviceable with our full line of repair kits
  • 12-month warranty

The Aquatec SWP-6000 is a larger version of the SWP-4000 pump. The SWP-6000 includes all the features of the smaller model but also has a greater pumping volume from depths down to 80 feet; the maximum vertical lift is 120 feet. Made in USA logoThis pump does require a larger well casing (6 inch) than the SWP-4000 model (4 inch), however.

The brushed permanent magnet motor has an estimated operating time of 4000 hours.  The three-chambered pump gives unparalled performance.  The Aquatec is designed for long time use but if service is ever required, the pump is easily field serviced.  After 2-4 years of operation it may be necessary to replace diaphragm, valves and motor brushes. Ask us for a full line of available repair kits.

Submersible pumps typically use a high surge current to start because they have such a small diameter. With the Aquatec pumps, however,  this doesn’t happen as these submersible pumps take very little power to start the motor for moving the diaphragm. This eliminates the torque reaction you would have with a regular pump.

Two 36-inch 12 awg input wires are pre-installed with double O rings to eliminate any chance of leaking. Waterproof crimp connectors are also included for easy connecting to your 10 awg submersible cable. A 50 mesh stainless steel screen protects the pump from foreign dirt intrusion.  If the well has a sandy bottom,  a pump well sock can be used (available from most pump distributors).

The Aquatec 6000 can pump double the amount of water as the SWP-4000 but it requires a well casing of 6 inches or more.

The pump has a dual Port outlet for ½” (15mm) hose tubing (0.50 inch ID) or ½” Poly pipe.  As an option (.62 inch ID, which is equivalent to 5/8” (18mm) hose barb tubing can also be used. Pumping up to 230′ requires 2.3′ for 1 psi so the pump can produce 100 psi and hi pressure pipe should be used accordingly.

Up to 48 volts can be put into the pump controller and it would regulate the voltage down to 30 volts.  This can insure that more pumping can be achieved on a cloudy day when a solar panel would be producing less watts.  The controller also has linear current boosting and it is the current that does the work so when a panel gets cold and produces an abnormally high voltage, the controller will lower some of the high voltage to boost the current.  This makes the pump produce more water.

There’s a strong eyelet on top of the pump which can assure a strong connection to the pump with a safety line.

NSF Compliant, Potable Water Safe Materials are used in manufacting the pump.


Aquatec SWP-6000 Submersible Pump Performance
Pressure Flow @ 12 Vdc Flow @ 24 Vdc Flow @ 30 Vdc 
0/0 9/.6 2.10 7.95 0.80 4.00 15.14 2.00 5.00 18.92 2.00
20/6 9/.6 1.75 6.62 1.70 3.80 14.38 2.50 4.70 17.80 2.50
40/12 17/1.2 1.60 6.05 2.30 3.40 12.87 3.30 4.50 17.03 3.10
60/18 26/1.8 1.40 3.50 3.00 3.20 12.11 3.50 3.90 14.76 3.70
80/24 35/2.4 1.30 4.92 3.50 3.10 11.73 4.30 3.70 14.00 4.30
100/30 43/3.0 1.20 4.54 3.90 2.90 11.00 4.80 3.50 13.25 4.60
120/37 52/3.6 1.10 4.16 4.40 2.80 10.60 5.10 3.30 12.50 5.00



pdficon_largeAquatec SWP Series Installation and Operating Manual

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