Blue Sky Solar Boost SB3024DiL MPPT Charge Controller with Display


blue-sky Blue Sky Solar Boost SB3024DiL MPPT Charge Controller with Display| 40A/12 30A/24V


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The Blue Sky Solar Boost charge controllers feature Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), selectable charge voltage set points for flooded, AGM, and gel lead-acid batteries and an equalize function to periodically condition liquid electrolyte lead-acid batteries. An optional user-friendly digital display is available to monitor PV charge performance. The display shows battery voltage, solar current, charge current, and charge mode, either in the controller, as a remote panel installed up to 300 feet away, or both.

Optional temperature compensation of charge voltage is also available to further improve charge controller and battery performance. Solar Boost controllers are available with or without the digital display and optional remote display. Reverse-polarity protection. 5-year limited warranty.

The SB3024iL is designed to charge 12 and 24 DC battery systems from a 24 VDC array (maximum open circuit voltage is 57 VDC). Maximum charge current is 40A output at 12 VDC and 30 A at 24 VDC. It has an auxiliary output that can serve as a 20 A load controller or as a 2 A battery charger.

The SB3024DiL version converts the 20 A auxiliary output into a separate 20 A diversion type charge controller for hydroelectric, wind, or similar generator type power sources. The Diversion Control upgrade also allows the 3024 to divert full available PV and generator power which is not required for battery charging to a useful purpose such as heating water.

The SB3024iL and SB3024DiL are both IPN network interface enabled (see next page for details), and include load control outputs so they can also serve as lighting controllers. An IPN Pro-Remote is required to enable and configure dusk-to-dawn lighting control.

Blue Sky Solar Boost Charge Controllers
Model Description System Voltage Charge Current
SB2024iL Charge Controller 12 /24 VDC 40 / 30A
SB3024DiL Controller with digital display 12 /24 VDC 40 / 30A


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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 4 in

5 year limited warranty


Listed to UL 1741 and CSA STD E335-1/2E.