Morningstar SunLight 10L-24V Charge Controller with Lighting Control

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morningstar-logo Morningstar SunLight SL-10L-24V Charge Controller/Load Control with Lighting Control | 10A 24V

The SunLight is a SunSaver Gen2 controller that includes a rotary switch which allows it to turn on the loads after dusk for 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours.

One option turns loads on at dusk then off and on again before dawn. In this configuration, you can choose the following settings (in hours): 3/off/1, 4/ off/2, or 6/off/2. “On” from dusk to dawn is also possible.

A test button turns light(s) on for five minutes.

Morningstar SunLight Charge/Lighting Controllers
Model Description DC system voltage Charge current LVD current
SL-10-12V SunLight with LVD 12 VDC 10 A10 A
SL-20-12V SunLight with LVD 12 VDC 20 A 20 A
SL-10-24V SunLight with LVD 24 VDC 10 A 10 A
SL-20-24V SunLight with LVD 24 VDC 20 A 20 A

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