Morningstar TriStar PWM TS-45 Charge Controller

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morningstar-logo Morningstar TriStar TS-45 PWM Charge Controller or Load Control  |  45A 12-24-48V

The TriStar pulse width modulated (PWM) controllers can operate as solar charge controllers, load controllers, or diversion regulators in 12, 24 or 48 VDC systems. They can also be custom programed for 36 VDC. Two or more controllers can be used to provide multiple functions. PWM may be changed to on/off operation to prevent telecom noise.

Two models are available with current ratings of 45 A and 60 A. Seven different set points are selectable via DIP switches for plug and play operation. An RS-232 communications port enables PC or laptop connection to adjust controller set points, to download internally logged data, or to configure detailed PC data logging. A PC can communicate with the TriStar with open standard MODBUS protocol and Morningstar’s MS View software. The RSC-1 communications adapter can be used to convert the RS-232 serial connector to EIA-485 to be included in an EIA-485 network.

The TriStar also has a lighting control feature with 7 DIP Switch presets or custom programmed settings with up to two ON-OFF time periods after/before dusk and dawn.

An optional TriStar Meter-2 Digital Display can be mounted on the front of the controller or up to 100 feet away using 4-conductor phone cable with RJ11 jacks. The meters can provide in depth system information including 60 days of internally logged data. They can also be connected to a MeterHub network with the MeterHub (HUB-1) to be displayed on a TriStar Meter or networked with a Relay Driver for relay switch operation.

Battery temperature compensation may be added with the optional Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS).

ModelDescription DC system voltage Charge current
TS-45TriStar 45 charge controller 12 / 24 or 48 VDC 45 A
TS-60TriStar 60 charge controller 12 / 24 or 48 VDC 60 A
RTSBattery temperature sensor
TS-M-2 TriStar Meter-2 mounts on front of charge controller
TS-RM-2 TriStar Remote Meter-2 display with 100' cable

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Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs
Dimensions10.25 × 5 × 8 in

5 years


Listed to UL 1741 for U.S. and Canada.