REC 315 PE-72 Solar Panel

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Rec_RGB The new REC 315 PE-72 Series of solar electric modules. More power per square foot.

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REC 315PE 72 Solar Panel

New 72-cell PV module from REC

REC, based in  Norway, had so much demand for their product they had to build a plant in Singapore. The REC PE Series of solar electric modules are a series of PV modules designed to meet the growing demand for solar modules with exceptional quality and performance. REC’s main business is producing raw silicon.  REC has a mine in Moses Lakes, Washington and Butte, Montana. The REC panels are made in a high tech roboticized plant in Singapore but since the silicon is mined in the United States, the panels are given “Made in the USA” status.  REC also has a new process which allows an inferior grade of silicon to be turned into very pure silicon.  This process is called a Fluidized Bed Reactor and it allows a lot more silicon to be processed as opposed to the older Siemens process.  This has been great for the solar industry as there used to be a silicon shortage a few years ago.

Having 72 cells instead of 60 makes this new REC 310 watt module longer, 77.5″ x 39″ and it has  5/32 glass which gives it the capability of 75.2 lbs per sq ft.  Adding an anodized aluminum frame that is 1.75″ makes for a very strong panel.

The module is also very efficient at 15.9% and it has a low temperature coefficient so it won’t lose as much power as other panels when it gets hot.

REC Solar: Quality and Performance

Rigorous quality control is applied throughout the panel production process, from cells to modules. Seventy-two acid-etched, 3-busbar, 156 mm square multicrystalline solar cells laminated behind high-transparency glass with an anti-reflective surface treatment give these modules an efficiency of up to 15.9%. A power output tolerance of -0/+5W guarantees you the power you pay for and minimum mismatch losses.

The REC PE Series modules have a rapid energy payback is under one year and their cell and module production processes are designed to maximize recycling and reduce environmental impact.


The comparatively low weight (59.5 lbs) of the REC PE Series solar modules allows for quick and easy installation and the larger panel output provides more power per square foot. The REC 310 watt modules are equipped with an environmentally sealed junction box and PV wire cables with MC4-compatible connectors for up to 1000 volt problem-free inter-module connections. Cables meet 2008 NEC requirements for use with transformerless inverters.


pdficon_largeREC PE-72 Series Specifications


Additional information

Weight59.5 lbs
Dimensions77.5 × 39 × 1.75 in

10 year product warranty. 25 year linear power output warranty (max. degression in performance of 0.7% p.a.)


UL 1703