Schneider Conext XW+ 6848 Hybrid Inverter

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Schneider Electric XW+6848-120/240-60 Battery Hybrid Inverter / Grid Tie / 6800W, 48VDC 120/240VAC 60HZ

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Schneider Electric XW+6848

Hybrid Inverter for Grid Tie or Off-Grid Systems

The Schneider Electric Conext XW+ is an adaptable single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverter with grid-tie functionality and dual AC inputs. Adaptable and scalable, the Conext XW+ system can be used in grid-interactive as well as off-grid applications.


Up to 4 inverters can be paralleled for up to 27kW of total output in a 120/240 VAC split-phase system. The XW+ inverters can be converted to 120 VAC only and 3 inverters can be configured into a 120/208 VAC 3-phase system. Charge controllers, such as the Schneider XW-MPPT60-150 or the XW-MPPT80-600 are required for use with any PV array.

A battery temperature sensor is included with each inverter, but only one is required for each system.

Dual AC inputs enable AC generator input as well as grid interaction. An optional automatic generator start (AGS) unit is also available. A configurable auxiliary relay with an output of 250 mA or 12 VDC is included in each inverter.

The Schneider XW+ Power Distribution Panel includes a conduit box and all AC/DC disconnects with wiring to support a single inverter. The distribution panel can support up to 3 inverters and/or 4 charge controllers. A field-reversible door with a magnetic catch allows easy access to wiring.

The XW+ Connection Kit and XW+ split phase 120/240 VAC breaker kit contain items required to add a second inverter.

A Conext System Control Panel is needed to complete the Schneider hybrid system.

Schneider Electric Inverter/Charger System
Model Continuous output Battery voltage AC out volts/hertz No load draw Charger output AC surge output
XW4024-120/240-60 4000W 24VDC 120/240VAC 60Hz 24W 150A 8400W
XW+5548NA 5500W 48VDC 120/240VAC 60Hz 26W 110A 9500W
XW+6848NA 6800W 48VDC 120/240VAC 60Hz 28W 140A 12000W

Schneider Electric XW+ Accessories
Model Description
RNW865101501 XW+ Power Distribution Panel with conduit box for 1 XW inverter
RNW865102002 XW+ Connection kit; needed for 2nd inverter; includes breakers & conduit box
RNW865102501 XW+ empty conduit raceway
RNW865101401 XW+ Power Distribution Panel with conduit box for 1 inverter; no AC breakers
RNW865131501 XW+ 3-phase 120/208 VAC breaker kit
RNW865121501 XW+ split phase 120/240 VAC breaker kit
XW-MPPT60-150 XW 60 A MPPT charge controller with ground fault protection
Breaker 60A Input circuit breaker for MPPT60-150 charge controller
Breaker 80A Output circuit breaker for MPPT60-150 charge controller
XW-MPPT80-600 XW 80 A MPPT charge controller with ground fault protection
SQD HU361RB Input disconnect for MPPT80-600 charge controller; 30A 600VDC 3 pole
Breaker 100A Output circuit breaker for MPPT80-600 charge controller

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Listed to UL 1741 for the U.S. and Canada