Schneider Electric XW-MPPT80-600 Charge Controller


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Schneider Electric XW-MPPT80-600 Charge Controller |  80A 24-48V

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The XW-MPPT80-600 can accommodate open circuit voltages of up to 600 VDC, which reduces wiring needs, increases module selection and string sizing flexibility, and enables greater distance between the power source and battery bank. The MPPT PV array input window is 195 to 550 VDC, which supports an output of up to 80 A for 24 or 48 VDC battery banks. Standby power draw is less than 1 W.

The charge controller has a configurable single-function auxiliary output to drive a load control relay or to activate devices such as vent fans or indicator alarms. Full output current of 80A is available without de-rating in ambient temperatures up to 113°F (45ºC). Over-temperature protection de-rates the power throughput when ambient temperatures are higher.

The XW-MPPT80-600 also features protections for input over/under voltage, output over current, and back-feed (reverse current). Built-in ground fault protection (GFP) eliminates the need for a  separate GFP breaker. This unit is configurable for positive, negative, and ungrounded PV systems.

The XW-MPPT80-600 can be used with the XW power distribution panel, or stand-alone in other PV systems, with a Sq-D HU361RB 600 VDC array disconnect. For two strings, wire two poles of the disconnect into the controller terminals. Use a 100 A breaker on the battery side of the control.
A battery temperature sensor is included with the controller.

The XW-MPPT80-600 is compatible with Xanbus-enabled devices, such as the XW Series inverter/charger, the System Control Panel, XW Automatic Generator Start Module, and other XW solar charge controllers through the Xanbus network.

It can also be installed in a stand-alone mode with an XW System Control Panel.

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Dimensions30 × 8.63 × 8.63 in

5 years with optional extension to 10 years


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