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The SHURflo 9300 is a positive displacement diaphragm type pump with very high efficiency; however, it does have a much shorter life than centrifugal or helical rotor pumps. Its diaphragm should be replaced every 2 to 4 years, depending on the pumping volume. The SHURflo 9300 can be operated on a 12 or 24 VDC battery, or using SHURflo pump controller, directly with a PV array. The pump can lift 1.3 gpm to 230′ and can pump nearly 2 gpm from very shallow wells. It measures only 3.75″ diameter and 12″ long. Performance on a 12 VDC battery or solar array will be less than half the flow shown on the table below.

The 9300 carries a 1-year warranty, and the pump should be pulled up out of the well every 2 years to replace the brushes, diaphragm, and  valves. Occasionally, the cable plug, which is the connection between the cable and the pump, also needs to be replaced due to corrosion or abrasion. To reduce current loss and plug corrosion in SHURflo 9300 installations, always use a #10 AWG, 2-conductor, no ground, solid
core submersible pump cable. The selected pump cable, such as the sub pump cable 10-2C listed in the table below, needs to have a smooth outer jacket with no “valleysˮ in the shape (round or oval) in order to properly seal out water.

SHURflo 9300 Array Direct Performance (24 VDC Array)
Vertical liftMinimumsolar array sizeFlow rate (GPM) Amps @ 30V
20' 2 x 32 W1.95 gpm 1.5 A
40'2 x 32 W 1.90 gpm 1.7 A
60'2 x 50 W 1.81 gpm 2.1 A
80'2 x 50 W 1.76 gpm 2.4 A
100' 2 x 50 W 1.71 gpm 2.6 A
120'2 x 50 W 1.68 gpm 2.8 A
140' 2 x 80 W 1.65 gpm 3.1 A
160' 2 x 80 W 1.63 gpm 3.3 A
180' 2 x 80 W 1.55 gpm 3.6 A
200' 2 x 80 W 1.52 gpm 3.8 A
230' 2 x 80 W1.36 gpm 4.1 A

SHURflo 9300 Solar Pump Controllers

These solid-state controllers will protect the 9300 pump from over-voltage and over-current conditions and will provide current boosting in low sunlight conditions, providing both protection and maximum water delivery.

SHURflo 9300 Pump Controllers optimize your solar water pumping system by translating the current and voltage available from your photovoltaic panels into a combination better matched to the pump requirements. With an optional Float Switch installed, the controller will automatically stop pumping when the storage reservoir is full. One of these controllers is required for PV array-direct pumping systems with
the SHURflo 9300 submersible pump.

The SHURflo 902-100 controller is not waterproof, so it must be mounted in a dry location or an appropriate weather-tight enclosure. For use with a 24 VDC nominal PV array (two 36-cell 12 VDC nominal modules wired in series—see Solar Modules). Maximum input voltage is 45 VDC, and max output is 28 VDC and 5 A.

The SHURflo 902-200 controller has all the features of the 902-100 and more. This controller is switch selectable for 12 or 24 VDC operation and includes a manual on/off switch for easy pump maintenance.

The 902-200 controller comes complete with three high / low water level sensors and sensor wire. Water sensors hang in the well and are used to prevent dry-running in low yield wells. Maximum input voltage is 45 VDC, and max output is 28 VDC and 7 A. Use a single 36-cell 12 VDC module (reduced water delivery) or two in series for 24 VDC nominal operation. The 902-200 includes a weatherproof enclosure suitable for outdoor mounting.

A single common 60-cell module can also be used with either controller, and will produce the 4A max current that the pump draws with only about 50% of full sunlight. This will increase the amount of water delivered per day by increasing water output early and late in the day or in cloudy weather.

SHURflo 9300 Submersible Pump and Accessories
SHURflo 9300 submersible pump 12-24 VDC
SHURflo 902-100 pump controller 24 VDC only
SHURflo 902-200 pump controller 12-24 VDC
Sub pump cable 10-2C (no ground)
Replacement Parts for 9300 Pump
SHURflo 9300 end bell brush kit
SHURflo 9300 diaphragm kit -lower housing
SHURflo 9300 valve kit
SHURflo 9300 cable plug kit
SHURflo 9300 O-ring kit
SHURflo 9300 motor kit – replacement motor
SHURflo 9300 canister kit
SHURflo 9300 lift plate kit


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