SolarEdge SE7600A-USS StorEdge Inverter

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SolarEdge SE7600A-USS20NHB2  |  7600 watts | 240 VAC | AFCI 

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SolarEdge StorEdge SE7600A-US Inverter

Grid Tie Inverter with Backup Power

The SolarEdge StorEdge inverter is a fixed voltage inverter designed specifically for use with the SolarEdge power optimizers. It is lightweight, easy to install and includes module level monitoring.

SolarEdge StorEdge Features

  • Single inverter for PV, battery storage and grid-tied and backup applications
  • No high voltage during installation as each optimizer puts out 1 volt.  This acts like a Rapid Shutdown when the AC  is disconnected from the inverter.
  • Full monitoring capability with battery status, PV production and remaining backup power and consumption
  • Automatically provides back up power in the event of grid interruption
  • Includes all interfaces needed for battery connection
  • Internal Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) for added safety per NEC 2011: 690.11
  • Inherently compliant with NEC 2014 690.12 rapid shutdown requirement
  • Built-in module-level and battery system monitoring
  • GSM Cellular Card with 5-year plan prewired and included
  • RS485 and Ethernet communications interface included
  • NEMA 3R outdoor rated
  • Inverter operating temperatures of -13 °F to +140 °F (-25 °C to +60 °C).
  • Also available with optional revenue grade monitoring 


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Additional information

Weight58 lbs
Dimensions37 × 12.5 × 7 in

12 years


safety UL1741, UL1699B, CSA 22.2
grid connection standards IEEE1547, Rule 21, Rule 14
emissions FCC part15 classB

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