Sunny Boy Storage 5.0-US Inverter

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New! SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5.0-US Inverter / Secure Power Supply / 5000w / Up to 2000 watts power in outage / Ability to retrofit existing PV system / Compatible with high-voltage batteries

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Sunny Boy Storage 5.0-US Inverter

Secure Power Supply & Powerful Energy Management

These may be the Sunny Boy inverters you have been waiting for. The new Storage inverters from SMA have been designed as an intelligent interface between PV, the electrical grid and high-voltage batteries.

The Sunny Boy Storage 3.8-US, 5.0-US and 6.0-US inverters can be used two different ways. You can use these inverters when installing a new system, or you can adapt an older inverter system to Storage by AC coupling the SMA storage to your inverter’s AC output.

The SMA Storage acts like a controlled AC to DC converter to carefully charge a 350-550 volt Lithium Ion battery. The battery can give you about 9 kilowatts of power if the grid fails and can be recharged by solar power the next day. Most households can usually get by with 9 kilowatts for night use during a power outage. In addition, the lithium battery has a very long life expectancy, does not give off dangerous fumes, and is maintenance free.

A Tesla Powerwall would be compatible with this inverter or one of the high voltage batteries from LG Chem would also work.

Other companies are also developing lithium storage batteries for solar. But the nice thing about this inverter is that it would work fine out of the box without a battery, and as battery prices eventually come down, the battery could be easily added at a later date.

The SMA Storage inverters are transformerless and thereby have the advantage of running a lot cooler. About 2% of the power in an inverter with a transformer is manifested as heat. Eliminating the transformer increases the inverter efficiency and decreases some of the need for cooling.

Sunny Boy Storage 5.0-US Features:

  • AC coupled for new PV systems or can be retrofitted in existing solar systems
  • Secure power supply, up to 2000 watts in event of grid outage (when sun is on the solar panels)
  • Quick and easy installation, with multiple configuration options and expansion abilities
  • Cost effective, versatile and innovative residential solar solution
  • Includes energy management functions for many different applications
  • Arc fault protection, integrated DC disconnect and Ethernet/WLAN built in for monitoring
  • Transformerless technology keeps inverter cooler
  • Three separate DC inputs (10 Amp)
  • Maximum efficiency 97.5%
  • NEMA 3R enclosure type
  • Compatible with Li-Ion batteries
  • 10-year warranty, which can be extended to 15 or 20 years

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SMA Sunny Boy Storage-US Series Inverters
Model Nom. AC Power Max DC voltage Max efficiency Weight (lbs)
SB Storage 3.8-US 3800 W 600 VDC 97.5% 57
SB Storage 5.0-US 5000 W 600 VDC 97.5% 57
SB Storage 6.0-US 6000 W 600 VDC 97.5% 57

pdficon_largeSMA Sunny-boy Storage 3.8-US, 5.0-US and 6.0-US Data Sheet


Additional information

Weight66 lbs
Dimensions21.1 × 28.5 × 7.8 in

10 years, extendable to 15 or 20 years


UL 1741 SA, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-1, UL 1998, IEEE 1547, PCC Part 15 (Class A & B) CA Rule 21, HECO SRD v1.1


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