Grundfos SQFlex Submersible Pump Selection Chart

Grundfos SQFlex Pump and Array Sizing

To choose a pump and array size appropriate to your project, consult the table below. The left column shows total head in feet and meters, the top row shows array wattage/number and suggested type of modules, and the boxes show seasonal pump performance and maximum flow. Select the row with the head (total lift) that most closely matches your application then move across the row to the column that contains the desired daily volume or peak flow rate. Note the pump model in that block and wattage of the PV array in that column.

Table Key

60 SQF-3  Pump model
24,885  Estimated daily summer volume (GPD)
19,944  Estimated daily winter volume (GPD)
42  Peak flow rate (gpm)

NOTE: Daily volume and flow calculations in the table are based on Fresno, CA data at a 36° fixed tilt. Daily summer volume assumes 7.8  kWh/m2/day of insolation and winter volume assumes 4.7 kWh/m2/day. These figures will need to be adjusted to the local insolation  conditions at the actual installation site.

Most solar pumping systems will provide significantly more output in the summer than in the winter. The typical flow rate is calculated at 800 W/m2 and can be up to 25% greater under bright conditions. Also, up to 40% more water can be pumped in the summer if the array is on a tracking mount. The output can vary by location and weather patterns, and is not guaranteed.