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  • Preparing to install a commercial solar panel system on a metal roof

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Low Pricing for all Your Solar System Components

 On-Grid and Off-Grid Systems

The new year again shows a bright outlook for the continuing growth of solar power. Industry analysts expect a significant increase (over 50%) in residential solar ownership, while the cost of utility power is again expected to rise. Worldwide, the cost of solar panels has fallen by over one third in the past year alone.

Although the longer term picture on energy policy is uncertain, the future of solar is still very positive, as prices are now comparable with fossil fuel costs. In addition, the federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will most likely remain in place until the scheduled declines begin in 2019.

Solar is a major part of the solution to global warming and we will continue to offer our customers the most competitive pricing on solar panels and alternative energy products as our contribution to fight climate change.

After all, what better security is there than the ability to generate your own power?

Not all the products we sell are listed on our website. Contact us for a quick quote on all your system needs and any technical questions you may have.

If the online store is not working for you, contact us directly and we’ll help you out. For larger system orders (and larger inverters that must be shipped by freight carriers), contact us directly for shipping quotes and quantity discounts.

REC TwinPeak 290TP2 watt Solar Panels

New REC290TP2 : Quality and Performance

On Sale: REC290TP only $0.60 per watt

REC, a Norwegian solar manufacturing company, has made a gigantic leap forward in the efficiency and utilization of solar cells with their new 290 watt TwinPeak Module. PID (potential induced degradation) is an undesirable property of some solar modules. Having many solar modules in series with high voltage can cause a large electric potential in the module which results in current leakage that travels between the solar cell and components in the module.  This can result in severe power reduction called PID.  High Voltage systems are becoming very popular, but along with humidity and high temperatures, high voltage can increase the susceptibility of PV modules to PID. The type of glass and backsheet are some of the important considerations when trying minimize PID.

REC panels are free of any performance-inhibiting potential-induced degradation. Other manufacturers’ panels tested with a voltage bias of 1000 volts and hi humidity have experienced up to a 50% loss in output. In addition, with REC,  you won’t have the static electricity problem as with some of the high efficiency N panels.

REC is a well established manufacturing company that stands a good chance of being around for the length of their warranty — an important consideration when deciding which solar modules to use.

Rigorous quality control is applied throughout the REC panel production process, from cells to modules. The REC 290TP2 TwinPeak module uses 6 strings of 20 cells, laminated behind high-transparency glass with an anti-reflective surface treatment giving these modules an efficiency of up to 16.7%. A power output tolerance of -0/+5W guarantees you the power you pay for and minimum mismatch losses.

Call 415-388-0838 to order. Ask us for pricing on pallet quantities.

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