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  • Preparing to install a commercial solar panel system on a metal roof

  • REC solar panels mounted on flat roof using the Snapnrack racking system

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Low Pricing on Solar Panels and System Components

 On-Grid and Off-Grid Power Systems

We currently have a good supply of Canadian Solar, REC and Trina Solar panels available for immediate shipping for your next project.  The competitively priced REC TwinPeak2M series of panels are a good option for your next residential or commercial project. The REC310TP2M and the REC315TP2M are available for $0.60 per watt.

See the new CS1H-325MS-Black High Density Modules (HiDM) from Canadian Solar with black frame and backing and PERC technology (priced at $0.57 per watt), or the Canadian Solar CS6K-305MS (60 cell) module priced at $0.61 per watt.

Also, check out the Mission Solar line of panels. Mission Solar is based in Texas and manufactures modules in their fully-automated facility with multiple quality checks in the process. The panels are Buy American Compliant (BAA), an important consideration in this economy.

In addition, we have just added more Trina Solar panels to our inventory. The Trina TSM-375-DE14A(II) are suitable for large scale installations and have 72-monocrystalline cells.

The Trina Solar TSM-375-DD14A(II) monocrystalline panel AllMax Plus is also available. This panel is 60-cell, all black and available for $0.56 per watt.

Another option if your solar project requires 72-cell modules is the LONGI Solar LR6-72PH panel. These 72-cell modules are currently on sale from $0.59 per watt. In addition, the high output LG solar panels are only being offered with system orders. These panels include the LG350QiC-A5, LG335NIC-V5 and the LG370QIC-V5. Contact us for further info.

Contact us for more details, sale prices on commercial quantities of solar panels, and shipping quotes.

Let us know what your needs are and we’ll help you out with your system design and all the components you need to get your solar system up and running.

Not all the products we sell are listed on our website. Contact us for a quick quote on all your system needs and any technical questions you may have.

If the online store is not working for you, contact us directly and we’ll help you out. For larger system orders (and solar inverters and batteries that must be shipped by freight carriers), contact us directly for shipping quotes and quantity discounts.


Call 415-388-0838 to order. Ask us for pricing on pallet or container quantities.

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